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Self-care in a world of constant "doing."

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

The mainstream culture in this country often has us measuring ourselves by what we can accomplish, how much money we make, or how much time we spend working. We literally live in a world where we are encouraged to deny our need for rest and restoration in favor of working for the success of the corporate machine. Even if we work for ourselves, or if we have our own business, we are constantly reminded that we are not successful unless we are busy all the time. I can speak for myself, as a massage therapist, that I struggle with this very same societal pressure that I apply to myself. For me, it helps to remember that while this mentality is something I have absorbed from the culture around me, I can choose not to participate in it, and every moment I take to simply sit quietly, meditate, or go on a hike outdoors to restore my soul, I am making a radical decision which not only supports me but supports those around me because I am more able to be my true self. So, take a moment this week to take care of yourself—book a massage with me in Northampton today!


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