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Why book a massage?

There's always a thousand things to do in a day, and often times the last thing on our list is "take care of myself." Whether we are running home after work to take care of our kids or pets, grocery shopping, cleaning, or sending emails, we are almost always on the move. So why should we stop?

When we are constantly 'doing,' we don't leave room for all the things that are going on underneath the surface of our carefully curated lives. At work, we have to do a job that is expected of us. At home, we often have to care for those that we love. When do we get to care for ourselves?

Booking a massage is a radical step in self-care. It is a statement that says, "I love myself enough to take an hour out of my week that is just for me." In a 1-hour massage session, you can expect:

-your heart rate will lower

-lymph, blood, and other fluids can circulate fully throughout your body

-your nervous system will have a chance to reset

-your fascia will unwind and untangle

-your mind will stop running the show for a little while

-energy can move freely from your crown to your feet

-stress can melt away like snow on a spring day

These are just some of the reasons to book a massage––the list goes one! Whether you're injured, in pain, or stressed, take an hour to care for yourself and come in to our Northampton office today.

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